Structural Steel Detailing & Drafting

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Pro Engineering Design Steel Detailing & Structural Steel Detailing process delivers detailed shop drawings to aid steel fabricators with the exact requirements for a steel structure. We are specialized in Structural Steel Detailing, Structural 3D Modeling, Quality Take-off Services, Advanced Bill of Materials (ABM), Shop / Fabrication Drawings (column, beam, brace, stair, handrail, ladders, etc), Miscellaneous Metal Detailing, 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling, Connection Sketches, Steel estimation, Steel Joist & Deck Detailing

Pro Engineering Design produced a competent design and swift schedule using 3D modeling technology. We are skilled to deliver FEM based analysis of complex structure. Pro Engineering Design Engineers are fully equipped with IS AISC, ASI, BS, Euro design codes.


Structural Steel Detailing & Drafting

Structural Steel Detailing & Drafting

Pro Engineering Design structural steel detailers specialized in all types of structures steel detailing and 3d modeling services, such as residential, commercial, Framed structure, Continues structure, Plane structure Structural Members and in different types of materials, such as reinforced concrete, masonry, steel, Plane structure ( RCC slabs,wall), Curved structure ( Dams,jack arch, tunnel, pipes. Pro Engineering Design, civil detailing engineers are highly experienced in preparing drawings, topographical and relief maps used in major construction and civil engineering projects such as highways, bridges, pipelines, flood control projects, water and sewage systems.

Pro Engineering Design Key Steel Detailing Services Include:


ABM (Advance bill of Material)

Anchor Bolt Setting Plans

Embed Plans

Field Used Drawings/Erection Drawings

Shop Drawings

Miscellaneous Steel

Part Drawings



Advance Bill of Materials

Erection Drawings

3-D Drawings

Assembly Drawings

Single Part Drawings

Steel Detailing

Stair and Rail Detailing

Project Management


Structural, Architectural Modeling

3D Modeling

Miscellaneous Steel Modeling


Structural Drafting Services

Structural Steel Drafting Services

Structural drafting engineering

Structural Steel Drafting

Residential Drafting Services

CAD Drafting

Structural Steel Fabrication

Structural Drafting

Steel Structural Design Services

Steel shop drawings

Steel bar Joist drawings

Working drawings

Shallow, Raft and pile drawings

Grating detailing

Bar bending schedules

Roof truss and joint details

Erection drawings

Concrete masonry detailing

Anchor Bolt Erection and Shop Detailing

Structural Steel Erection and Shop Detailing

Misc. Items Shop and Erection Detailing

Connection Sketches


Advanced Bill of Material


KSS Files

DXF File for Plates

Custom Reports

Fabtrol Reports

We Produce Reports:

Field /Shop Bolt List

CNC Files

DXF Files

KISS Files

IFC Files



Pro Engineering Design has experience in all types of structures:

Commercial Buildings

Power plants

Steel plants

Cement plants

Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Chemical plants

Architectural buildings


Pro Engineering Design Structural Engineers are complying with the steel detailing standards of different countries, such as those specified by the:

Euro Codes and British Standard Codes

American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)

American Welding Society (AWS)

National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD)

Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

Australian Institute of Steel Construction

Why Pro Engineering Design for Detailing Projects.

Pro Engineering Design capable to detail 100 to 5000+ tons detailing

Expertise in all types of structure such as Mass Structure, Vaulted Structure, Frame Structure.

Pro Engineering Design always utilize pre-constructed 3D models

Always Prefer for BIM Model and Coordination

Pro Engineering Design Always Provide CNC information

Full Fabrication Support

Provides Construct Fabtrol reports

In house expertise for FabSuite

Pro Engineering Design have delivered numerous structural steel detailing and miscellaneous steel detailing projects for our clients located in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Pro Engineering Design specialized in preparing information-rich BIM 3D structural models using tools like Tekla, Revit Structure and AutoCAD according to country-specific, IFC and OpenBIM standards.

Pro Engineering Design best service provider for steel detailing and drafting. Pro Engineering Design deliver following outputs for steel detailing projects.

All types of steel columns, All types of beams, bracing, All types of truss, Stairs and ladders , Hand rails, guard rails layout, Foundation bolt arrangement plan, Concrete embeds layout, Drawings for pipe materials, Single part drawings, Gather sheets, Pipe supporting structure, Monorail supporting structure, Misc. steel detailing, Shop / Fabrication drawing, Tekla steel detailing, Cutting list, Shop bolt summary, Field bolt summary, Field bolt location, Fabrication drawings, Fitting drawings, Erection drawing, Isometric view drawings, Access ladders, Landing platforms, Bollard handrails, Process vessel reactor drawings, Equipment support structure, Bolted connection details, End distance details, Bracket mounting details, Max. bolt size, Dimension of holes, Welded connection details, Types of weld, Connection between members, Structural 3d modelling, Industrial structures, Commercial buildings, 2D drafting, BIM structural models, Erection sequencing, Anchor bolt plans, Steel estimation.

CNC outputs, Industrial pipe rack assembly, Industrial structural steel, Joist and Beam, Modular industrial pipe rack, Structural connections, Miscellaneous steel, Outdoor railings, Curved railings, Mezzanine railings, Railing floors and stairs, Engineering details, Stairwell layouts, Building roofs, Columns base, Beams to columns, Notching of beams, Splicing of beams, Column splices, Sizing of joints, Beam drawings, Column drawings, Marking plans, Grid system, Sequential system, Piece park system, Schedules, Dispatch lists

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