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At Pro Engineering Design, we offer a range of engineering design and services to our clients across various industries. Our services include: – Design- Product Development- Tooling and Machining- Fabrication and Assembly – Three Dimensional Design- Systems Integration- Services for a range of industries.

  1. Plant 3D Modelling: We create accurate 3D models of plant equipment and piping systems, helping our clients visualize their plants and identify potential issues before they arise.
  2. Process Engineering: We design and optimize industrial processes, ensuring that they run efficiently and safely.
  3. Piping Engineering: We design and analyse piping systems to ensure that they meet all applicable codes and regulations.
  4. Mechanical Engineering: We design and analyse mechanical systems and equipment, such as pumps, compressors, and turbines.
  5. Civil Structural Engineering: We design and analyse civil and structural systems, such as buildings, bridges, and dams.
  6. Electrical Engineering: We provide electrical engineering design and services for power distribution, control systems, and instrumentation.
  7. Instrumentation and Control Engineering: We design and optimize instrumentation and control systems for industrial processes.
  8. Project Management: We provide project management services.

Our Engineering Design and Services

Steel Detailing

Steel Detailing & Drafting Services Europe | Steel Structural Detailing Services USA | Steel Buildings Steel Structure Detailing Services Europe


Structural Engineering Design Services

Structural Engineering Design Services – Outsource Structural Engineering Design Services – High Rise Structures Design & Analysis – Industrial Structures Design & Analysis Services

MISC Steel Design and Drafting

Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing | Miscellaneous Steel Detailing Services | Structural Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Structural Steel Connection Design

Steel Structural Connection Design Europe and USA | Structural Steel Connection Design | Connection Design Services

BIM Design and Drafting Services

BIM Design and Drafting Services Europe | Building Information Modeling (BIM) Europe | 4D & 5D BIM Services Europe | BIM using Point Cloud survey Services


Plant Design and 3D Modeling Services

Plant Design and 3D Modeling Services Europe | Plant 3D Modelling Services | Plant Design Services | P & ID Drawings | Plant 3D Modeling in SolidWorks


Pro Engineering Design Services

Pro Engineering Design Services for Every Industry

Headquartered in the Norway with offices in Europe, Pro Engineering provides a range of engineering design services for the manufacturing sector. Our staff includes specialists in Structural, Steel Detailing, Mechanical, Piping Engineering, and BIM Engineering.

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Pro Engineering Design Services
Structural Design and Drafting Services | Steel Detailing and Structural Detailing | BIM ( Building Information Modeling) | MISC Steel Detailing | Mechanical Design and Drafting | Piping and Plant Design Services | Architectural Design and Drafting

Pro Engineering Design Consultant Europe – Steel Detailing and Connection Design Services Europe

Structural Steel Detailing (Main Steel & Misc. Steel), Shop Drawings, Assembly Drawings, Connection Designing, NC files, Shop Drawings, Erection Drawings, Popular/ General Structural Steel Detailing, 3D Steel Modeling and 3D BIM Erection Drawings, Framing Plans, Steel Connection Design, Shop Fabrication Drawings, Bill of Materials (BoMs), Anchor Bolts Plans, Embedded Materials Plans, Steel Estimation Reports, Shop Drawings, Anchor Bolt Plans, Framing Plans, Erection Plan, Stair and Handrail detailing, Structural Engineering, Miscellaneous Steel, Joist Detailing.

Rebar Detailing and Estimation

We provide Rebar detailing in compliance with respective Country Codes: such as BS-8666, and BS-8110, ACI, AS, IS with best practices followed at sites & BBS (Bar Bending Schedule): Foundation Drawings and details, Rebar shop drawings, Rebar 2D & 3D modeling, Bar listing in ASA format, Total rebar estimation, Bar bending schedules, Footing detailing, Grade beam detailing

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