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MEP Design and Drafting

MEP Design and Drafting, MEP BIM Services by Pro Engineering Design Europe.

MEP Drafting Services Company – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC

Pro Engineering Design has a team of experienced MEP Designers and Drafters who provide high-quality MEP Design and Drafting services to a variety of clients, including General Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Architectural Consultants, and Electrical Contractors. Our team is proficient in the latest software and tools, ensuring that our designs and models are accurate, detailed, and meet the specific needs of our clients. Create BIM Models & 2D Shop Drawings of Mechanical Piping, HVAC, Sheet Metal, Plumbing, Electrical & Fire-fighting. Coordination amongst various trades, detect clashes to avoid on-site issues & save on cost & time.

MEP Design and Drafting

MEP Design and Drafting

Our MEP Design and Drafting services include:

  1. MEP Design: We provide MEP design services for a wide range of projects, including commercial buildings, hospitals, universities, and more. Our team of MEP designers works closely with clients to understand their requirements and deliver customized solutions that meet their needs.
  2. MEP Drafting: We create detailed MEP drawings that show the design and specifications of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components, including HVAC systems, piping, electrical systems, and more.
  3. MEP BIM Services: We provide MEP BIM services that integrate MEP designs and models with architectural and structural trades, minimizing errors and ensuring that all trades are working together seamlessly. Our team of MEP BIM specialists uses advanced software and tools to create accurate and detailed 3D models that allow clients to visualize the design before construction.
  4. MEP Coordination: We provide MEP coordination services that ensure that all MEP systems are properly integrated and working together to achieve optimal performance. Our team of MEP coordinators works closely.

At Pro Engineering Design, we offer a range of BIM modeling and 2D shop drawing services for mechanical piping, HVAC, sheet metal, plumbing, electrical, and fire-fighting systems. Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in the latest software tools and technologies to create accurate and detailed models that facilitate seamless coordination among various trades.

Our BIM modeling services for MEP systems include:

  1. Mechanical Piping BIM Modeling: We create 3D models of mechanical piping systems that accurately represent the layout and dimensions of pipes, fittings, and valves. Our models include all necessary information related to material specifications, insulation, hangers, supports, and more.
  2. HVAC BIM Modeling: We create 3D models of HVAC systems that show the location of ductwork, air handling units, diffusers, grilles, and other components. Our models include information related to airflow, pressure, temperature, and other key parameters.
  3. Sheet Metal BIM Modeling: We create 3D models of sheet metal components such as ductwork, fittings, and accessories. Our models include all necessary information related to material specifications, gauges, connections, and more.
  4. Plumbing BIM Modeling: We specialize in Plumbing BIM Modeling, which involves creating 3D models of plumbing systems that can be used for design and visualization.

Pro Engineering Design MEP Deliverables Include:

3D BIM Model as per the LOD

Quantity-Take Off/BOQ’s (Bill of Quanitities)

Routing Layout & Calculations

Shop Drawings

Spool/Fabrication Drawings

Clash Detection & Coordination

As-Built Drawings

HVAC BIM Services

HVAC Shop Drawings

Plumbing BIM Services

Plumbing Shop Drawings

Sheet Metal & Mechanical Piping BIM Services & Shop Drawings

Electrical 3D BIM Model & Shop Drawings

Scan to BIM

Coordination among different MEP trades

Revit MEP 3D Modeling

Collision detection

Builder’s working drawings

Fabrication and Shop drawings

Parametric modeling as well as library creation for the HVAC and MEP components

Detailed section reviews, schedules and bills of materials

Mechanical Systems

Schematic heating and cooling system design

Heating and cooling equipment selection

Plant room layout design

Fire protection system design

Duct layout drawings

Electrical Systems

Electrical Schematics

Electrical, power and lighting plans

Electrical site plans

Electrical one-line diagrams (Riser diagrams)

Electrical panel schedules and distribution panels

Wiring diagrams

Cable/ harness drawings

Ladder logic drawings

Architectural floor plans, house and wall sections, elevations and details

Structural foundation, framing, and roofing plans

Lighting Systems

Power Systems

Power Distribution Systems

Fire Protection Systems

HT Line and LT line

Electrical Panel Schedules

Electrical, Power and Lighting System plans

Plumbing and Drainage Systems

Design and drafting services for domestic water plumbing setups

Natural and LP gas piping drafting and planning services

Compressed air and medical gas system plan drawings

Isometrics, Riser diagrams, details, schematics, and schedules


Shop drawings, As-builts, specifications, and coordination

Legends and addendums supplement plumbing construction drafts

Establish plumbing Loads – Load analysis

Establish utility stub-outs and pipe sizes

Locate and coordinate pipe sleeve requirements

Determine pipe chase space requirements

Water supply and distribution plans and details

Soil report evaluation

Layout of below- and above-grade piping

Fixture unit load calculations

Expansion loops for seismic requirements

Research requirements for grease/sand interceptor

Plumbing Cost Estimation

STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) design

Plumbing Material Estimation

Plumbing Modeling

Plumbing Shop Drawings

Plumbing Section Drawings

Plumbing Isometric Diagrams

Piping Modeling and Drafting

Piping 2D Drafting

Pipe Fabrication Drawings

Fire Fighting Systems Design Services

Water Balancing

Piping Cost Estimation and Measurement

Pipe Restoration Drawings

Residential Plumbing Systems Drawings

Commercial Plumbing System Drawings

Industrial Plumbing System Drawings

Water Line Installation System Drawings

Waste Water Collection System Drawings

Runner Riser Diagrams


Revit MEP Design & Conversion Services: Pro Engineering Design also support global client in  MEP conversion services for hand drawn sketches, mechanical drawings and MEP concept drawings. Our Experienced Revit Draftsman convert them into accurate and precise 2D and 3D CAD designs.

Pro Engineering Design engineers are very well equipped with industry standards such as SMACNA, ASHRAE, ASME, ISO, EN and ANSI, enabling efficient design collaboration for standard-specific deliverables. Pro Engineering Design Revit family creation for building product manufacturers to enable the informative models of electrical fixtures, lighting, mechanical pumps, ducts and plumbing products to be used in BIM workflows. In addition, we deliver BIM 4D services to effectively plan construction sequencing and 5D BIM for quantity take-offs and cost estimation.

Pro Engineering Design comply with all the required international and regional civil engineering standards including ASHRAE (HVAC), AIA-drawing standards, AS (Mech.), IBC (Civil), ACCA (HVAC),etc and also ensure that our MEP drafting and designing complies with IFMA (International Facility Manager Association) and BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) standards.


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