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Welcome to Pro Engineering Design Norway. Your Engineering Design Partner Worldwide.

We provide Multidisciplinary Engineering services specialized in  Laser Scanning, Design & Detailed Engineering, 3D Modeling, Calculations & Analysis, Drafting and As-built Drawings services catering to a wide range of players in the field of Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Power Plants, Process Industries, and Material Handling.

Pro Engineering Design is providing various design services like :

2D Manufacturing Drawing & 3D Modeling of single part & assembly.

Prepare 3D Model & 2D Drawing by Measuring a parts.

Creating Exploded Isometric Drawing of Assembly with Bill Of Material.

Structure Design, Analysis & Fabrication Drawing.

Design & Development of Machine.

Fixture Design for Robotic / Manual Welding, Machining Process & Assembly.

Sheet Metal Design, Modeling & Cutting Layout of Sheet for Laser & Water Jet.

Pressure Equipment Design (As per Design Code) & Fabrication Drawing.

Piping & Routing Design, Modeling & Isometric Drawing.

Design New Machine from Old Design / Machine by Reverse Engineering.

Develop Conceptual Design from Client Requirement / Instruction.

Working Animation of Machine & Motion Analysis.

Prepare Presentation of Machine.

Create Realistic Photo Copy of Machine (Render Image) by using Virtual Model.

Develop Part Number, Assembly Number & Drawing Number Generating Chart which help in ERP systems.

Mould Design, Die Design (Casting, Punching & Roll Forming).

Injection Moulding Die Design.

Static, Dynamic & Thermal Analysis of Machine.

Vibration Analysis of Machine.

Motion & Flow Simulation.

Industrial Training of Various Design Software.

Cutting Tool & Tool Holder Design.


·         Architectural: commercial & residential, house plans, remodels, Stock & space planning

·         Shop & fabrication drawings, assemblies, product development, BOMs

·         Structural Steel: columns, beams, support structures, etc.

·         Steel: stairs, handrails, platforms, ladders, erection, assembly, installation plans, etc.

·         MEP: HVAC, plumbing layouts, Electrical schematics

·         3d Piping, Isometric, PFD, P&IDs

·         Design and product development

·         Renderings, walk-through and fly-through

·         As-built verification, Evacuation, Point Clouding & Maps

·         3D printing, rapid prototyping, scanning & markup

·         Paper-to-CAD conversions, Plots, prints, copies & laser scans