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BIM Design and Drafting Services

BIM Design and Drafting Services Europe | Building Information Modeling (BIM) Europe | 4D & 5D BIM Services Europe | BIM using Point Cloud survey Services

Pro Engineering Design provides a wide range of BIM services including architectural, structural, and energy analysis modeling Developing BIM models from sketches. BIM Documentation, BIM Coordination & Clash Detection, BIM Content Creation, Scan to BIM Conversion, BIM models for Construction scheduling (4D), Cost Scheduling (5D), Energy Analysis (6D) & Facility Management (7D) Revit Family Creation.

Specialized in BIM Modeling and Drafting Services

Our team of certified professionals offer a full range of BIM services including architectural, structural, and energy analysis modeling. We specialize in providing expert consultation for all projects requiring BIM services and can provide a full range of BIM services to meet the needs of your project. BIM Analysis Services

BIM Services: Architecture Drafting, Construction Documentation, Design Development, Infrastructure Bim Design and Development.

We provide both Revit and 4D modeling services to provide you with a full range of design options when considering your project’s needs. We also offer Architectural BIM services, Structural BIM Modeling, MEP & HVAC BIM Modeling &  design development services to ensure your project is well thought-out before construction begins. Our staff is well-versed in the latest construction industry standards and practices so that you are always sure your project will be completed on time and within budget.

BIM Consulting: Energy Analysis Modeling


We have successfully completed over 500 energy analysis projects both domestically and abroad which includes commercial building design evaluation for LEED certification (2g certification). With an experienced team we can provide you reliable consulting for your next project’s needs.

Pro Engineering Design BIM services includes architectural, structural and MEP modeling. Pro Engineering Design have worked on models ranging from 200 to 500 LOD. Pro Engineering Design BIM Architecture Services furnishes the wide-ranging solutions to the virtual design and standard construction requirements. Pro Engineering Design always prefer Standard international codes while creating various building BIM models. We also convert Point cloud data to 3D models.

Pro Engineering Design specialized in Architectural BIM Services, BIM Services, BIM Consulting, Construction Documentation, Energy Analysis Modeling, Architecture Drafting, BIM Design Development, Infrastructure BIM, Procurement BIM, Presentation Modeling, Revit Modeling, Custom Family Creation, 4D BIM Scheduling, 3D Modeling, Point Cloud Scan to BIM and Cost Estimation (5D BIM). Pro Engineering has our team of qualified BIM experts, Pro Engineering Design provides architectural BIM services to the AEC industry.

BIM Model Levels: LOD 200 – LOD 300 – LOD 350 – LOD 500 and more.

Pro Engineering Design Providers Complete and precise 3D documentation of the current status of buildings and building sites It is especially suited to facilities managers, architects, construction engineers, construction experts, and surveyors.

Pro Engineering Design Team Support BIM Construction For Owners, Architects, Engineers & Contractors.

3D Modeling for All Trades

Architecture BIM Modeling
Structure BIM Modeling
Scheduling & Cost Tracking
Coordination & Clash Detection
PE & PM Services
Field Layout Solutions
MEPF BIM Modeling
Drafting Services
Fabrication & Shop Drawings
Coordination & Clash Detection
Construction Drawings
BIM implementation
BIM project execution plans
Template creation
Content creation
Project setup
Maintenance of BIM models
BIM training

BIM modeling for architecture, MEP engineering, and structural engineering at all levels (LOD 100 to 500)

2D drawings from a 3D BIM model development

2D drafting for architecture and engineering
4D services, including coordination of the BIM model with scheduling software
5D services, including linking BIM models to scheduling and cost software for visual analyses

BIM modeling for subcontractors
BIM modeling for energy efficiency analysis
BIM modeling for lighting analysis
Conversion of laser scans into BIM
BIM for facilities management
As-built BIM modeling
Clash detection and constructability reports
Isometric views and spool drawings
Work progress simulation
Shop drawings for manufacturers
Conversion of scans of an existing facility into a 3D BIM model
Modular construction modeling
Creation of shop drawings
Pursuit models for general contractors and subcontractors
Visualizations, renderings, and animations

Pro Engineering Design build Long-term partnerships with global clients by providing high quality in BIM Consulting and BIM Design Services. Talk to us on with your detail project for BIM consultation.

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