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Pro Engineering Design Consultant Europe – Steel Detailing and Connection Design Services Europe


About Pro Engineering Design a worldwide engineering consultant. Pro Engineering Design is a full-service engineering consulting firm, providing practical and transformative services for Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Architectural throughout Europe and United States.

With 20 + years of knowledge and core engineering experience, we now meet clients on the other side to help strengthen key capabilities, enhance performance, and execute programs with the utmost efficiency. Aside from engineering design and consulting, our services extend all the way to project planning and commissioning. Our scope of work is chiefly in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Project Management, and MEP sectors.

At Pro Engineering Design, we work in cooperation with your engineers to meet your deadlines with your tools, or with new tools, depending on your challenges. Our highly experienced and talented team of engineers commit themselves to multidisciplinary solutions to overcome barriers that you may have encountered. Pro Engineering Design engineers innovate to solve problems and can help implement new methods for test, analysis, and design in your organization. Together with our customers, we achieve higher performance in mechanical, structural, and aerospace products.

Pro Engineering Design provides professional engineering and consultancy services for worldwide clients in automotive, aerospace, power generation, marine system, rail, heavy engineering, machine tool, medical equipment, and tooling industry.

Pro Engineering Design specializes in IT enabled engineering design and drafting services like Product Design and Development, Tool Design, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing solutions. State of the art analysis and design tools are an integral part of our business. Implementation of quality control and assurance program is providing a focus for production work.

We provide cost effective Quality Engineering Designing and Consulting solutions to AEC industry with tailored and customized solutions ranging from design development to As-built. Pro Engineering Design serves Leading Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors based in different geographical locations across the globe with world class infrastructure to deliver outstanding quality.

Pro Engineering Design Consulting and Drafting Services:

Structural Engineering Consulting

Mechanical Engineering Consulting

Civil Engineering Consulting

Architectural Engineering Consulting

Industrial Engineering Consulting

Engineering Design Services:

Acoustical Analysis Services

Fluid Dynamics Analysis Services

Contract Manufacturing and Fabrication

Industrial Design

Outsourcing and Manufacturing Services

Product Development Services

Stress Analysis Services

Thermal Analysis Services

We are Specializing in following Designing and Drafting Services: –

BIM (Building Information Modeling) :- Architectural, Structural & MEP BIM Modeling services, Multidisciplinary Coordinated Revit Models, we provide BIM Models from LOD 100 to LOD 400 along with Revit Families Creation & As Built BIM Models based on site conditions. we provide 4D & 5D BIM services using Navisworks. we Link Microsoft Project schedule in Navisworks to create 4D simulation and use Navisworks to generate BIM Model based BOQ to achieve 5D BIM. Structural
Structure Detailing, 
of 3D, 4D and 5D BIM services and 
modeling construction


MEP Services:- MEP Coordination Drawings, Shop Drawings, Spool Drawings, Fabrication Drawings. Multidisciplinary Coordination:- Multidisciplinary Coordination using Navisworks, Creating Clash Report, Clash Detection & Resolution.

Steel Detailing:- Structural Steel Detailing (Main Steel & Misc. Steel), Shop Drawings, Assembly Drawings, Connection Designing, NC files.Shop


Erection Drawings

Popular/ General Structural Steel Detailing

3D Steel Modeling and 3D BIM Erection Drawings

Framing Plans

Steel Connection Design

Shop Fabrication Drawings

Bill of Materials (BoMs)

Anchor Bolts Plans

Embedded Materials Plans

Steel Estimation Reports

Shop Drawings

Anchor Bolt Plans

Framing Plans

Erection Plan

Stair and Handrail detailing

Structural Engineering

Miscellaneous Steel

Joist Detailing

Pre Engineering Building

Steel Fabrication Detailing

Laser Scanning


Rebar Detailing:- We provide Rebar detailing in compliance with respective Country Codes: such as BS-8666, and BS-8110, ACI, AS, IS with best practices followed at sites & BBS (Bar Bending Schedule).


Rebar shop

Rebar 2D &
3D modeling

Bar listing in
ASA format

Total rebar

Bar bending


Grade beam


Concrete joint
and slab details


Roof truss and
joint details


Retaining walls


Cad Drafting Services:- Paper to Cad Drafting, Cad Conversion from any Format files. Engineering Drafting, Architectural Working Drawings, Structural & MEP Cad Drafting.

Paper to CAD Conversion

PDF to CAD Conversion

2D to 3D CAD Conversion

AutoCAD Conversion

MicroStation Conversion

Raster to Vector Conversion

2D drafting of mechanical parts and assemblies from preliminary design data

Image or vector data projection into the desired coordinate system

Conversion of topological data to CAD object data

BOM (Bill of Material)

Legacy CAD data conversion

Drawing standard conversion (E.g. ANSI to DIN)

2D CAD drawings (E.g. SolidWorks) to AutoCAD drawings

2D drawings from conceptual sketches and images

Conversion of legacy 2D CAD files such as ProE 2D to 2D AutoCAD DWG/DXF drawings

DWG to DGN Conversion – enables you to access and edit DWG files in the DGN format

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